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The Adventures of Lightning Marval #1 Variant

The Adventures of Lightning Marval #1 Variant

Warren Montgomery: writer, artist, cover

Genre: Superhero
Page Count: 24
Format: Black and White
Size: 6.625x10.25
Rating: All Ages
UPC: 793869612148 00121

This issue 1 includes: Variant Cover, Trading Card, 6x9 Mini Ad Print, Logo Sticker.

Introducing Lightning Marval, Will Lill Comics' silliest superhero! This first issue of Happytoe, Oregon's fantastic hero reprints the six-page story from Fun Adventure Comics! #15 (revised), plus sixteen new pages. Enjoy the adventures as millionaire Freddie Fruitt summons his other half to keep his girlfriend, tv reporter Lisa Teapot, and the other citizens of Happytoe, Oregon safe from the evil villain Pookah Dah Ha and The Armpit!

"It is nice to have fun reading a comic book"
-Rich Vasseur, First Comics News

“Fun and quirky romp.”
-Jake Palermo, Monkey Fighting Robots

Each comics comes signed (except sticker).